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the end of January, China’s home new overhead pneumonia outbreaks, Sth Korea was not as well severe, only a few confirmed instances, but believe that we should prevent in progress, therefore early hoard face masks. At that time, the town I live in Daejeon offers not really yet verified situations, so people still live as usual. Coronavirus masks for sale

As the Spring Festival did not really come back, therefore when the New Season with various other Chinese language close friends to stay in Korea with dumplings, dumplings while consuming while watching the display, and at this time in our lives that offers not really been affected. But by January 29, I went to a comfort store is certainly heading to purchase goggles, masks discovered in some comfort stores have marketed out, and pharmacy masks also goes up. January 31, Southerly Korea’s new crown sufferers with pneumonia improved to 11 instances, which I have got some anxiety at the. best coronavirus masks.

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coronavirus n95 face mask,but the field provides not really cases, so the feeling of the people right here did not concur, I work in a convenience store, every Weekend night time guests still group. A few days afterwards, Southerly Korea’s brand-new crown quick boost in confirmed situations of pneumonia, then was going with friends to consume hot pot, but the fear of infection, but finally decided to stay at their home. best coronavirus mask for sale.

Korea is definitely a huge break out of the epidemic in the long term Feb 17, Daegu abruptly appeared during that time a huge amount of new situations of pneumonia overhead, you can feel the Korean people possess become tense up. So I made a decision to buy online and some vegetables and fast food, reducing out. But because the country has inserted a state of emergency, so the rice on the online buying software coupang once made an appearance out of stock position, it is difficult to purchase a mask.

Surgical face masks,a few times, there possess been situations of the field, but also in my neighborhood, after much idea made the decision to quit her job in a comfort store, and stay at home.

Since Korea can not really purchase goggles, the govt launched the “five” program for nationals purchasing face masks. But because we are not really a member of South Korean students of national health insurance, so I do not really possess the qualifications to buy goggles, which became upsetting us make one matter.

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n95 masks for sale,Later on Han Fen network launched activities to send out the draw face masks, Chinese language embassy also end up being helped, donated goggles for our Chinese language people in Korea. I received in early 04 the embassy and Fen Han Net donated masks, which can actually end up being stated to become a temporary alleviation, let alone in Korea I experienced the friendliness from the motherland.

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Writer: Zhang Xiwen

Supply: China Overseas Network